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◾ Long-term technical support and poducts


◾ Customer's trust and convenience, wide range of form factors;


◾ Industrial SBCs and modules for mission critical applications
◾ Full range of OEM and ODM service

Product description

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Good in Performance

Outstanding performance in Harsh enviroment

Full military base high performance support..


Railway Support

Security Display computers, Touch Screen Panel PCs, Tablet computers, Onboard Automatic Control system, Digital Video servers, Intercommunication equipment.

Wastewater Tearment Process

Please exploere our sewer solutiont to find awesome function and feature.

◾ Long-term technical support and Total Solutions


◾ Total solution provider;


◾ Industrial equipment and solution for mission critical applications
◾ Full range of sewer solutions

Windfarm and Solar Energy Solution

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Best Solution in market demand

Outstanding performance in Harsh enviroment

High Energy efficency in Green energy solution


Windfarm & Solar Energy Support

provide the sutable solutions for each cutomers demands


The special feature for vertcal Market demnad.

Responsive Design

We Support the customer ODM OEM requirment, design the innovative business models

Built with Experts

The best expert can support you, to get the secess of business in your market segment with professionals

Easy to co-work

The flamework of embeddedone can make you find the right solution and support in system, it is make it easy to control and set the business target.


Reasonable Markup

We Believe it " Justice for all" , the team work base one share the profit, so we mark up the reasonable portion in business, it can make good effect to team work between support team and customers.


We alway support best solution for your demands.

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Group company

We have storong Group

Organizers of global trade shows, competing each other for the audience, every year arrange even more remarkable and impressive shows. For that matter the International Aviation and Space Expo has no match. Therefore,  I’d like not only to share the engineering information and tell our readers about the new products presented by Fastwel at the exhibition and forum, but also to share our impressions of the amazing International Pilot Team Show.

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Hot news for PC104 designers and users! Here is a recent article on a fresh, effective and cost-efficient solution for PC/104 boards, called “OneBank”. This additional option allows designers to free additional space on the PCI/104 boards, while remaining compatible with the various form-factors. Read more of the article, originally published by Jeff Milde, Executive Director of the PC/104 Consortium.

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Fastwel Blog

I`d like to share with the readers  the New article devoted to CompactPCI Serial Specification provided by Joe Pavlat and PICMG Consortium team.This might be interesting for those who design and develop high-efficient multipurpose embedded systems for mission critical applications.


The article was originally published in Open System Media Source

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